Noble Flaire

Noble Command x Lost River Sanfield by John Wayne Brady

Since the first Kohler owned horse made his victory pass in 1973, Kohler Stables has been focused on a singular goal of improving and growing the Morgan breed. Our first figurehead stallion, Vigilmarch, began that quest and laid the foundation of quality that has permeated every breeding decision for over 40 years. When the decision was made to purchase a weanling colt of extraordinary quality from Hall of Fame breeder and World Champion trainer Judy Whitney in 1984, there was a plan. A plan to take the Kohler breeding program to a new level. This remarkable colt did that and more.

His sire, Noble Command, was a product of the vaunted Waseeka breeding program and a horse tightly linebred to Upwey Benn Quietude and her full brother, Upwey Ben Don. He competed for nearly a decade as a winning park harness horse, but most importantly, he won the Grand National Get of Sire Championship in 1982. He went on to sire many important show and breeding horses, including the great producers Nobelle and Noble Airess, as well as the stallions Nobility, Salem Command and the superior sire of athletic World Champions, Arboria Noble Victor.

His dam, Lost River Sanfield, was a product of intense linebreeding between the Brunk and government’s Mansfield lines, long recognized as a “golden cross” by astute breeders. Her incomparable production record included such household names as Bourbon Street, Aristocratic Aire, JW Belle Aire and JW Miracle Miss, as well as the aforementioned Nobility and Noble Airess.

With a pedigree to breed for the future, Noble Flaire first focused on turning heads in the show ring. From his first appearance in 1985 to his last just six years later, he packed a phenomenal number of triumphs into a short show career. Four Park Harness World Championships. Four Stallion In Hand World Championships. Six Reserve World Champion titles. Six Grand National Champion titles and three Reserves. And he had only just begun to scratch the surface of his success.

To date, this breeding phenomenon has sired a total of 258 get. Their combined World and Grand National Champion titles number in the hundreds. Had he sired just one son, the record-setting HVK Bell Flaire, he would have written his page in the history books. But there have been so many stars from coast to coast that have underlined his importance in our breed. HVK Courageous Flaire, HVK Make ‘Em Cry, HVK Noble Vigil, Issues ’n Answers, Marin Affaire, Lady Marlene, Nostradamus, Grandiose, HVK Tiz Flaire, Queens Vanity Flaire, Gotta Lotta Charisma, MJK Desert Flaire, Nemours Elegant Flaire, Psychedelic Flaire, Carlyle Upper Caisse, HyLee Rare Flaire, Whispering Out Loud, HVK Flaire Rose, SpringMill My Flaire Lady, HVK Stueben, Treble’s First A’Flaire, HVK Pavarotti, HVK Primary Light, and many, many more.

Although he has not sired a foal since 2009, we look forward to reigniting the magic of this legendary show horse and sire in 2017.

Shirley O'Gorman
Kohler Stables
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